Who We Are

About Us

  • The next ICT revolution isn’t about raw technology, products, or services. It’s about how people create technology solutions, build upon them, and use the information to drive decisions. We aim to solve real-world problems and add value.
  • Seacrest Technology Ltd partner engagement teams work directly with customers to establish and implement the best solutions they need in Technology, Engineering, and Mobility Solutions. Our clients range from small businesses to enterprises and governments around the globe.

Human Resource

The Team

  • A formidable combination of qualified and certified youth and experience, with years of combined practice in surveillance technologies, computer security, electronics, and field installation logistics.
  • Top management consists of highly trained and motivated individuals, with each member of management spending a considerable amount of time working with the field crew and the client on-site, ensuring continuity and communication between different levels of the organization.


Unmatched Capacity

  • Seacrest Technology has invested in a large resource base that is always available to ensure all projects have available manpower and equipment in order to meet the most demanding completion deadlines and budgets.
  • We are proud to offer our services throughout East and Central Africa, deploying our resources where they are needed to get the job done.
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