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Bridging the gap between audio sources & enterprise analytics

Companies engage with customers by phone more than any other channel, and these interactions represent a gold mine of untapped information. Listening to every customer call is costly and time- consuming and not physically practical. As a result, only a fraction of randomly selected calls is typically reviewed.

These voice interactions reveal the true voice of your customers and enable you to get to the heart of their concerns. With our highly accurate, automated speech-to-text transcription, you can transform your unstructured voice data into transcripts that can be integrated into your analytics platforms.

Flexible, open architecture and integration

Truly understand your customer

Our solution uses Deep Learning and sophisticated models and algorithms to accurately assess the real feelings and “voice of the customer”.

  • Sentiment analysis (textual) evaluates a customer conversation and keywords like “great,” “cancel” or “dislike” to understand the caller’s sentiment
  • Emotional analysis (acoustic) gauges a customer’s speech characteristics, such as inflections, speed or pitch, to determine the caller’s emotion
  • Gender identification classifies the speaker’s gender based on voice characteristics
  • Hinting improves transcription accuracy by dynamically adding properly spelled unique names and terms spoken regularly during call center conversations to software’s customized dictionary

Gender identification is valuable in understanding gender-based trends while sentiment and emotional analysis are combined to determine the overall emotional intelligence and reveal the true voice of customers, so you can get to the heart of their concerns.


Our VoiceAI API integrates with multiple applications to make transfer of data smooth and easy. We can capture call recordings and audio data from Unified Communications, Telecommunication, IP, Telephony / Fixed line. We can work with audio sources on-premise, cloud or hybrid.


This is where the Natural Language Processing magic happens! Conversations are split into two channels and transcribed word by word, utterance by utterance. The vocal layer is analysed and information about emotion and sentiment extracted.


Data delivered where you need it. We offer easy integration with E-Discovery, Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions. Stream your voice data output straight to your platform or to our Solutions Wordbench (dictionary)

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