Security Solutions

The world’s view on security with regard to perimeter and building has changed dramatically following many tragic events around the world. Realizing the massive damage, a single act of terrorism could cause, government entities and global corporations have aptly acknowledged the urgent need for strengthening security systems.

Seacrest Technology offers total physical security solutions, including consulting, design, project management, installation & commissioning, maintenance, servicing the system as well as training, thus fully equipping our clients against threats to lives and properties, while increasing business efficiency.

We bring the latest, reliable, and proven technologies available internationally utilizing our strong partnerships with leading global players that are established providers in the key infrastructure security markets.

We offer enterprise-level access control system solutions, surveillance systems, perimeter, and interior intrusion alarm systems as well as managed and hosted solutions. The key to our solutions is our integrated security management systems, which ensure controlled access environments.

Life Safety Systems

We offer a wide range of products and services to cater to your every need in life safety systems. Whether it is a fire alarm, fire suppression, or emergency lighting, we have the expertise to support you in the design, implementation, and maintenance of all your life safety systems.


We offer a complete design and implementation of your building requirement for fire alarm systems. Our engineering design division handles all sizes of large projects from residential, hotel, hospital, and commercial buildings, to oil & gas projects. Our product offerings have complete civil defence and all relevant international approvals.


Seacrest Technology offers both self-contained and central battery solutions for your emergency lighting needs. In self-contained emergency lights, we offer standalone, centrally monitored emergency lights and battery packs to convert your existing lights to emergency lights.

We also have wireless monitored systems that can be used in retrofit projects to ensure that additional cabling is not required.

Building Systems

Seacrest Technology offers fully integrated, fully interoperable systems. System integration means bringing together various building systems and services on a single platform combining the best controls from various devices – collecting data on DDC’s sending the same to Central Command Control Center with unparalleled Building Automation Systems and support.

The result is centralized and comprehensive building management – operated, controlled, and monitored by an operator knowing what’s happening in and around the entire building and taking necessary corrective actions.

We are perfectly positioned to meet multi-site needs by identifying all the costs of owning and operating a building automation system, then ensuring these costs are well defined and designed in.


The parking entry or parking management system is used to manage the parking facility effectively in a building or a campus or for generating revenue from a parking facility or providing high-level security for parking in highly secure buildings or facilities.

Audio Visual Solutions

Seacrest Technology provides consulting for A/V systems, lighting, and automation design services to the client including:

A/V system design, bid document, and B.O.M preparation, project management and oversight, A/V systems calibration, project commissioning, component programming services, primary power & data coordination and distribution, client/operator training.

With a vast knowledge of products and technologies, our designs can be tailored to fit virtually any budget.

Investing in our services typically yields a reduction of project costs as a value-added benefit.

Networking Soluions

Many companies find themselves in the position of having to manage complex networks provided by a number of different vendors.

Maintaining these networks would typically require technical staff with appropriate specializations required to support your multi-vendor environment. Seacrest Technology can provide outsourced support solutions customized to meet your technical requirements.

Seacrest can supplement to your staff or keep you from having to hire technical staff at all, allowing your employees to focus on the business of running your business.

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