Our Cloud is both an all-in-one public cloud solution and an innovative cloud development platform.

Contact Center born in the public cloud

Our Cloud solution delivers the broadest and deepest set of CCaaS capabilities available using a single, all-in-one design to speed deployment, reduce complexity, and simplify administration.

Our Cloud offers the most comprehensive set of all-in-one CCaaS capabilities designed to work together;

Capabilities Overview

Digital channels

  • Chat — Quickly resolve any customer situation with web It enables your agents to respond immediately or step in proactively if a transaction stalls. Easily transition from a self-service chatbot to a live agent with full interaction and customer context.

Platform overview

The Cloud platform is designed to help you manage change in a secure, reliable and scalable way. Its cloud-native architecture delivers the latest developments in cloud technologies, continuously deployed. This means you get immediate access to advancements in key areas of innovation as they happen.

Breakthroughs in Artificial intelligence (AI), digital channels, and workforce engagement management are transforming the contact center industry. Whatever tomorrow might bring, the Cloud platform will be ready — constantly evolving to help you stay ahead.

We use simple, stateless and secure components called microservices to provide a powerful, reliable platform to manage change. Our Cloud comprises hundreds of these microservices. Each provides specialized functionality we group into major services.

Each rectangle in the image below represents a microservice running on any number of servers and communicating with other microservices in Our Cloud.

Figure 1. Microservices visualization

On-demand scaling

Most of our Cloud services use Elastic Load Balancing (ELBs, ALBs and NLBs) with an auto-scaling group (ASG). Our Cloud distributes load and monitors groups according to service-specific policies. When a threshold is exceeded, the group automatically adds or removes additional resources as needed. Many newer services leverage serverless technologies, instantly responding to changes in load without the need to manage servers.

Reliability through recovery

When an individual server fails, the associated ALB/ASG health check detects and detaches the unhealthy instance from the load balancer. If this error isn’t transient, additional policies trigger self- healing behavior, whereby the errant node is stopped and a completely new server is created to take its place. Your traffic continues unabated and the Cloud recovers before users notice a service gap.

Fail-safe processing and testing

While occasional failures are inevitable, good software development practices are designed to account for them. A microservices architecture means one microservice failure won’t affect another. We actively test and validate failure and recovery paths through automated chaos testing and fire drills. On average, 500 automated chaos experiments are conducted daily to anticipate and, ultimately, prevent failures so you aren’t impacted.

Continuous deployment

We continually push new code into production. If a small defect is detected, we just fix it and push out new versions of the affected services. Our distributed architecture allows the release of rolling updates without taking the entire system down for maintenance. Load balancing and techniques such as “canary deployments” are used to ensure you aren’t adversely affected when updates occur.

In addition to the use of microservices, we take an API-first approach. This means that with one powerful set of our Cloud APIs, our teams develop revolutionary cloud products and capabilities, our partners develop marketplace applications, and our customers develop custom solutions – transforming their contact centers into experience centers. The Cloud platform empowers customers to buy an all-in-one solution, build custom applications and bring their own technology and determine the right mix to deliver the best possible experience to their customers.

  • Email — Integrate email into your consistent omnichannel Set up appropriate auto- responses and route email to the right agent group based on content analysis.
  • SMS and messaging apps — SMS and messaging apps create conversations that can live Context and content are never lost, and conversations can resume at any time, right where they stopped. This gives customers a way to interact with you at their convenience.
  • Co-browse and screen share — See what your customers see and make interactions simple and painless with co-browse and screen If customers are having trouble, they can share their browser pages with your contact center agents or knowledge experts while chatting or speaking with the agent or expert.

Customer self-service

  • Speech-enabled IVR — Equip your customers to resolve issues faster with speech-enabled Natural Language Understanding (NLU) lets your customers interact with your system in a way that feels completely natural.
  • Voicebots — Simplify your customer journeys with conversational voicebots that move freely across interactions and Manage, unify and orchestrate any bot across phone, web chat, mobile messaging and smart speakers.
  • Chatbots — Give customers 24/7 self-serve assistance with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Handle tasks more efficiently across any digital channel by automating conversations with bots — and make it easy to transfer to an agent while keeping the full interaction context.

Voice services

  • Cloud Voice — This VoIP telephony service provides public telephony access to any of our Cloud services to which you You can purchase phone numbers directly from us or bring existing numbers with you.
  • Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) — Leverage your preferred local or cloud carrier with the Cloud You can maintain an existing relationship with your carrier or establish a new one. Choose the best telephony infrastructure to fit your needs.
  • DIY administration — Straightforward administration lets you scale your cloud communications with ease for a 100% cloud-based call center Purchase, provision and manage your Cloud voice services anytime, anywhere with a simple web interface.

Inbound routing

  • Inbound voice routing (ACD) — Inbound voice uses your company’s defined business priorities to segment and rank This enhances your ability to meet your SLAs for all voice interactions — without creating complex routing strategies or adding resources.
  • Voicemail — Ensure the continuity of your customer service operations with agent and group Receive email notifications for new messages, configure your own greetings and get multi-language support.
  • Callback — If your contact center is busy, use IVR to offer an option for callback while allowing callers to keep their positions in the Scheduling immediate or delayed callbacks eliminates the need for customers to wait on hold to speak with an agent — and that increases customer satisfaction.

Outbound campaigns

  • Outbound campaigns — Create long-lasting opportunities and decrease the volume of inbound calls to your contact center with basic outbound Send highly personalized, timely and relevant notifications on your customers’ preferred channels.
  • Inbound/outbound blending — Our outbound software supports blended By blending inbound and outbound calls to a specific agent group or the entire population of agents, you can increase agent utilization, reduce overall call wait times and smooth overall call volume.
  • Proactive notifications — Reach out proactively in a timely, personalized and contextual way. Make it easy on your customers by using predictive dialing to target the right customers and streamline Automate notifications to save time and keep customers informed.

Workforce management

  • Employee performance — Track, manage and boost your service levels with tools to monitor performance, support employee development and engage with workers in ways that drive Empower your managers, increase speed to competency for new hires and gamify contact center KPIs.
  • Resource management — Allow workforce managers to work with short-term forecasts and improve forecasting efficiency by leveraging Simplify your workforce scheduling with flexible rules, manage time off and provide accessibility through a single unified employee user interface.
  • Quality assurance — Follow your customer experience interactions closely to maintain quality and adhere to corporate With interaction recording and screen recording, you can record all interactions, including voice calls and employee screens.

Unified communications

  • Anywhere access — Give your agents who are working remotely and in globally distributed teams a modern, integrated communications With our Cloud solution, your teams aren’t bound by location or hardware. This web-based unified communications solution, softphone and native mobile apps keep your workforce united, equipped and engaged — no matter where they are.
  • Business communications — The Cloud solution seamlessly connects contact center users, business users, vendors, partners and Unifying communications across your company drives faster agent response times and improves business outcomes.
  • Agent collaboration — Collaboration tools give teams access to communication channels from a single application — on any Agents can use video, softphone, screen sharing, persistent chat channels, rich employee profiles and document management — all in one integrated solution.

Reporting and analytics

  • Performance dashboards — Up-to-the-second analytics and real-time dashboards provide the information you need to manage your contact center across multiple teams and Customize dashboards to match your unique needs and help you respond in the moment.
  • Historical reporting — Preserve historical context across your call center and generate reports so you can track and analyze service levels, call times, resolution rates, customer satisfaction and other critical
  • Real-time and historical views — Unite real-time and historical Organize and search by customer or interaction, and gain clarity with customized and consistent reporting that gives you true insight into your data.

Integration and apps

  • App Marketplace — Visit the App Marketplace to browse and quickly deploy more than 315 third-party Find everything you need to extend and enhance your Cloud solution — from easy CRM integrations to creative ways to use AI and automation.
  • Pre-built integrations — Say goodbye to lengthy professional service Pre-built integrations, developed and supported by us, are quick to deploy and easy to configure. And they simplify integrations with other business systems, such as CRM systems and AI solutions.
  • Cloud platform — The Cloud platform is a flexible, scalable Software as a Service contact center experience that can integrate with existing systems and grow with the pace of your business and it empowers you to expand on a development platform with robust API tools.
Key Differentiators
Key differentiator Benefit
All-in-one design. The broadest and deepest set of CCaaS capabilities built to work together from the beginning. Speed progress, reduce complexity and simplify the user experience.
Cloud-native architecture. The first CCaaS leader to use a true microservices-based native cloud architecture to deliver continuous innovation Access updates and innovative services, like AI-powered journeys, new digital channels, workforce engagement solutions and more, as soon as they’re released.
Buy, build, and bring approach. The most powerful mix of all-in-one capabilities, developer APIs and methods for connecting to solutions customers bring with them. Quickly deliver differentiated experiences while maximizing return on existing investments.
Trusted platform. A secure, reliable and scalable platform with publicly available uptime and no maintenance downtime for continuous feature releases. Manage change confidently by avoiding unnecessary risk.

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