Use your digital footprint to understand the root causes of process deviations and inefficiency

Discover how your processes really run

Process Analytics is a new kind of analysis that doesn’t just show you how your processes are performing, but also what you need to do to help them perform better.

Use our Process Analytics to uncover points of friction and understand exactly which actions you need to take to turn them into operational flow.

How does Process Mining work?

  • Every step of a digital process leaves a digital footprint e.g. ID, activity & time.
  • Pre-built connectors to ERP systems extract this data and analyses speed up process discovery.
  • Smart algorithms then reconstruct, analyze and understand the real process.
  • Afterwards powerful analyticaltools highlight inefficiencies, bottlenecks and conformance issues.
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning components drive transformation projects.

Our Intelligent Business Cloud


  • Capture digital footprints with Process Mining (business data) and Task Mining (user interaction data)
  • Visualize processes with Process Analytics
  • Understand root causes of deviations


  • Automate tasks with RPA (robotic process automation)
  • Suggest intelligent actions with Action Engine
  • Proactive process interventions


  • Measure the impact of process enhancements over time with Transformation Center
  • Benchmark the process continously
  • Ensure process conformance

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