Enterprises Spend Billions on


  • Account servicing
  • Customer onboarding
  • Claims processing
  • Insurance applications
  • Mailroom processing

Document processing is


  • Handwriting and machine print
  • Low resolution
  • Skews, distortions, upside down
  • Sensitive client data
  • Millions of pages

Our Solution CLASSIFIES and EXTRACTS Data from Documents

No trade off between ACCURACY and AUTOMATION

That is why we’ve built and trained ML models to deliver over 80-95% automation with over 99% accuracy. Our Intelligent Document Processing software lets you set your target level of accuracy and the machine does the rest. That means that whether your documents have messy handwriting, fax lines or other imperfections, Hyperscience reads outside the box and can handle imperfections. We’re also smart about when to involve humans – meaning minimal manual involvement or oversight – and continue to learn on your documents, behind your firewall, to get better over time. It’s meaningful automation, delivered.

Solution in a class of its own

What we do goes far beyond legacy tech like Optical Character Recognition. OCR refers to software that can turn a scanned image into text, typically transcribing it character-by-character. But what happens when your customers write outside the box, the machine sees a field named “Address” and includes it in the output, or there is messy handwriting? OCR is one piece of the document processing puzzle, and it requires pristine conditions to work accurately. Too often, when faced with real-world documents, OCR fails and needs people to manually correct or even redo the work the software should have done in the first place. That is why we’ve redefined document processing using proprietary Machine Learning techniques in order to read messy handwriting, know the difference between what is a response and what should be “dropped out” (like a field name), and transcribe low-quality documents.

What's in our Intelligent Document Processing Solution

Data Entry: First, the platform ingests the data and performs transcription + structuring

Classification: Given user-defined taxonomies, the solution can classify documents into appropriate document types

Sorting: Similarly, given user-defined ordering, the solution will sort through document so that, if you have submitted a package of documents together, these can be passed on to th eappropriate next step

Plug-In API: A wide array of import and export connectors allow you to integrate it with your upstream and downstream with ease

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