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PolyAnalyst™ Software

PolyAnalyst™ supports all steps of a data analysis process from data loading and manipulation, to advanced text and data analysis, and to custom reporting. Whatever is your business task and your skills level, whatever is your data source, challenge and language of your documents.

It is the leading system for extracting actionable knowledge hidden in piles of free text and structured data. PolyAnalyst will be your tool of choice for turning data into valuable business insight.

  • Access nearly any source of data, and merge data from different sources
  • Whip dirty data into shape with powerful data cleansing operations, such as imputing missing values and correcting spelling errors
  • Choose from a broad selection of statistical and machine-learning algorithms, replete with several cutting-edge natural language processing tools
  • Create stunning reports that summarize and communicate your insight

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You can import text data you have or add a link to an interesting article you found online for a quick analysis. Review the sets of results for keywords extracted, facts identified, and sentiments used. The SAPREMO DEMO just scratches the surface of the power of our Natural Language Processing tools.

Seacrest Technology Ltd. + Megaputer Intelligence Inc.

Seacrest Technology Ltd. is the official Reseller & Distribution company for Megaputer Intelligence Inc. software solutions for Africa


Seacrest has put together a collection of interactive reports generated by PolyAnalyst. Explore the ways our Data Analysis Consultants have summarized insights in innovative ways for textual data insights or specific use cases including fraud, customer feedback, and the impact of COVID-19.

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